Monday, 12 July 2010

The Church of England. How Long will it Last?

The Church of England will soon have women bishops. This is now certain. Many Anglo-Catholics feel betrayed. As long as the Anglican Church insists on women bishops there is no chance of unity with the Roman Catholic Church or with the Orthodox. The inevitable responses to this from pro-women priest Catholics is just fantasy-speak. The game is finally up. How long will the Church of England remain established? It will be a tragedy for Britain (yes you read a Catholic priest saying this) if we are left without the national Church at a time of militant secularism. The country, as well as many Anglicans, will pay a heavy price for this nonsense. What is it all for in the end? Certainly not Christian unity and certainly not a confident biblically-based evangelism. This is compromise, pure and simple, but the cosy "Christianity-lite" of liberal Anglicanism will not survive either. What a waste of blood, sweat and tears, bricks and mortar.


  1. It is interesting that on all the news broadcasts with interviews with women vicars, there reaction to the news has been, "This is great for women's rights and equality in the Church of England" rather than, "This is great for living out what the Bible actually says."


  2. Yes indeed. Some sections of the Anglican Church have long been in danger of becoming non-Christian sects. The great mistake about the ordination of women points to a kind of gnosticism (as shown in William Oddie's book of some years ago: "What Will Happen to God?"). The idea that womens' rights and "equlaity" may now become as important (more important really) than the old Anglican notion of "inclusivity" (an unbiblical notion in any case) points to an eventual collapse of anything resembling orthodox Christian tradition. Tragic.

  3. We simply need to persuade government that the Church of England now resides in the See of Peter rather than that of Canterbury; and many of us are coming over because we believe the old CofE can no longer claim to be "the church of this land" - at lest, not with a straight face..