Friday, 21 June 2013

A new and highly recommended (by me) book about the healing ministry in the Catholic Church

Here is the Amazon page for the book, "Journey into Wholeness". I know the author and have long admired him and his late wife. Their story is inspiring, and the testimonies of some of those they have helped are often deeply moving. There are some important questions raised by the book and those with an open mind - and more importantly, an open heart - will benefit greatly by reading it.

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  1. Hear! Hear! Am halfway through this book myself and believe it is of its time, in the sense that there does not seem to have been anything comparable written, in terms of Catholic laity experience of praying with people for inner healing. The author, by producing this distillation of all that he and his wife have learned, will enable us all to benefit from their vast experience, plus alert those in the ministry, to avoidance of many of the pitfalls of praying with others, which could otherwise give the ministry a bad name.
    The numerous testimonies throughout the book, plus wisdom borne of this humble couple's experience, gives glory to God.
    A must for anyone involved in the Healing Ministry.