Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Sad Response from the Cardinal's office (to a letter signed by over 490 priests)

I was distressed to see the response from Westminster (The Cardinal's Office) to the letter signed by over 490 priests - of which I am one (and the first in the list, alphabetically speaking). I had no intention of causing offence of any kind to any bishop - least of all my own, I am offended at what I consider to be a needless "slap". it is my understanding that the Holy Father was asking for a frank exchange of views, but it seems that in order to do this priests must first check with their bishop. Somehow, I don't believe this is what the Pope had envisaged. I'm sorry, but this response (from the Cardinal) smacks of annoyance or embarrassment where, certainly in my case, neither was intended.

When I think of the often heterodox views I have seen coming from other priests, in publications as well as in press letters, without any form of rebuke from the hierarchy, I have to be amazed that a statement that is actually official Church teaching should draw this kind of response from the Cardinal.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Backing away-somewhat-from self-styled "Traditionalists"

The post below, showing the difficulty of telling the truth in the Church (that is the truth told by Fr. Angelo of the Friars of The Immaculate) and the refusal of some to accept the truth (because they believe so strongly in their own myths) points to a worsening crisis in the Catholic world. It is not a new crisis; it was already there but has now become more visible since the election of Pope Francis. One of the phrases that springs to mind is from the play "I. Claudius" - "Let all the poisons that are lurking in the mud hatch out". Perhaps Pope Francis has disturbed the "water" and the mud is rising to the surface. This is for the good of the Church. Many so-called "Traditionalists" are now seen in their true colours.

Because I am often regarded as a "Traditionalist" and because I support the Pope 100%, I am more conscious of the need to distance myself from some people, some blogs and some web sites. I am, in fact, not a "Traditionalist" but a Catholic and, I hope, an orthodox one. I celebrate the 1962 Latin Mass twice a month, but I f I really thought that by doing that I was going to be forever linked with what I now regard as a "lunatic fringe" (sadly not so much a fringe), I would stop. The Liturgy is not a political tool and should not be the cause of,  or be even connected to, bitterness, injustice, lies, insults and rash judgement. Those who surround the Liturgy with these things are, in my opinion, heading downwards.

Are Catholic Blogs supposed to be honest or what?

The Friars of The Immaculate and "Rorate Coeli" (Again!):

Sunday, 4 January 2015

One of the New Cardinals and "True Life in God"

 Archbishop Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel, CM Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa is one of the new cardinals.
This is what he says about True Life in God:
“This book of messages is a great gift that God has given humanity. It contains the Divine Dialogue of the Holy Trinity, Our Lady and the Angels with Vassula Ryden (…) There is nothing in this book contrary to the Church’s authentic teaching on faith and morals. I recommend this book to everyone.”

Monday, 20 October 2014

Brilliant Interview with Cardinal Burke

In this interview with Raymond Arroyo Cardinal Burke explains why Cardinal Kasper's approach to the question of Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics is deeply flawed. he also defends the Catholic approach to annulment (and makes the point that there can be no true mercy without respect for truth);

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Vote for Women Bishops

Everyone knew this was coming. The suprise for me is the number of the Synod in favour. The numbers can be seen on Anglican Mainstream. Those Anglicans who still insist that they are trail-blazers and that Rome will eventually come round (presumably with the Orthodox following in another thousand years!) need to read this blog (Jimmy Akin). The teaching regarding the ordination of male priests (only) was declared infallible under Pope John Paul 11 in so far as it is to be seen as part of the Deposit of Faith. The chances of this changing are as good as Elvis Presley becoming the King of England.

So, sadly, the plan of unity with the Chruch of England has finally been scuppered. What remains for those of us committed to unity is a realignment of Orthodox Christians. The only logical way forward is reconciliation under the leadership of the Pope. The Ordinariate is prophetic and hopefully it will now become even more of a reality. As for the relationship of Rome and the Orthodox, there is still much work to do.