Sunday, 6 April 2014

Putin defends Christian Traditional values - and how!

I believe this man has been seriously underestimated, misjudged and vilified (especially by the Western liberal Media). I believe he is honestly speaking from the heart in this speech. Why would he put his neck on the block (with the West holding the axe) unless he believed in these things? Some people are still arguing that the conversion of Russia has not happened. I disagree with them - it is a work in progress. Watch this space.


Monday, 3 March 2014

Cardinal Prosper Grech and Vassula (et al)

This is a review of the book "Heaven is real, but so is Hell" written by Vassula Ryden, by the theologian who helped her in her dialogue with the CDF after the Notification, following which Cardinal Ratzinger said that the position had "been modified". As has been said here and elsewhere, more than once, the Notification was not a condemnation (Cardinal Ratzinger's own words) and following the dialogue with the CDF he said that Vassula had responded well and that her answers were "useful clarifications". Again, as has been said already, all this is a matter of record. Unfortunately for reasons unknown Cardinal Levada chose to take a rather negative position about the prayer groups (whilst also making factual errors in his famous letter, suggesting a lack of knowledge or inaccurate advice). Cardinal Grech's comments are instructive. Vassula met Cardinal Bergoglio when she visited Argentina and he raised no objections to her speaking in his Archdiocese. After a final meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger Vassula was photographed with him. Until recently this photo was withheld by TLIG and Vassula to prevent any accusations of cheap publicity and out of respect for Pope Benedict. However so much nonsense is still being circulated by certain people about Vassula and because the statement of Cardinal Ratzinger (described above) has either been ignored or is unknown, this photo can now be seen.


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Who wants Christian unity?

I am committed to the cause of Christian unity. I mean real unity, not the continuation of ecumenism. An Old Catholic priest (a rather young Old catholic priest) once asked me what I thought of "Churches Together". My answer was "not much". He lives in an ecumenical community and believes that he is practising unity (in some ways this seems to be correct). He was there with his Abbot (of the community) who is a Methodist. They both laughed and said that they call them "Churches Not Together" which is accurate. As a "Roman" Catholic I cannot accept that community's version of unity. There is more to unity than that. But at least those men really want unity and are not content with meetings, "shared worship" (an ugly phrase if ever there was one) friendly chatter, tea and biscuits etc, etc.

I realise now, more clearly than ever, that the majority of Christians outside the Catholic Church do not want real unity (or they think they already have it, which is worse). The "unity" of international, multi-denominational  mutual recognition is NOT real unity - it is a sham. The unity that Christ prayed for is much more than this. This lack of a real desire for genuine unity - a unity of faith as well of friendship (though it begins with and is sustained in friendship) makes Christian unity week something of a bore. Christian unity week (or more accurately octave) serves to display the lack of commitment to, desire for, real unity. It is not a papering over cracks, but a failure to see the seriousness of those cracks - not cracks but fissures. Pope Francis rightly says that division is a scandal, but for many non-Catholic Christians division is not a problem because their vision of the Church is of a world-wide, multi-denominational group of people who call themselves Christians. For them there is no establishment or institution except the kind you like or want to create. For them Christ did not found a Church that would develop any real structure but a mass of people who sometimes disagree on things that some regard as essential and others judge to be unimportant. Is this the unity that Christ wanted and wants? Those who genuinely ponder John 17 cannot possibly believe this. After so long since the first Octave of Prayer we are no closer to a unity of faith and worship. The friendship stops at the altar steps.

A (necessary?) new book about Pope Francis

Pope Francis Explained: Survey of Myths, Legends, and Catholic Defenses in Harmony with Tradition

Dave Armstrong is one of the best lay Catholic writers around. he knew the late Fr. Hardon S.J (perhaps a candidate for beatification) and was deeply inspired by him. He can be trusted. The book is available at;;jsessionid=10EE8BBF31C9393CACBC40E3EC97984D