Friday, 28 June 2013

U.K. Catholics (and others who may be interested)! Is there a need for a new Catholic newspaper?

I was thinking just the other day - in a casual sort of way - that firstly, I am so glad that I no longer read ANY Catholic newspapers (I looked at one briefly in another church and was confirmed in my decision!), and secondly, in an even more vague way, that we could do with a new Catholic paper - one that is orthodox in the right sense, not narrow but at the same time clearly loyal to the Magisterium without hitting anyone over the head with that but at the same time calmly insisting on right doctrine, sound spirituality and optimistic sharing of news and information.

I wonder if anyone agrees. Who would take it on? How should an editorial board be formed? is there a publisher willing to take the flack?


  1. Father, there is a new Catholic newspaper of sorts. It is online and it is currently a mosaic rather than an integrated entity - though it could easily be converted from mosaic to unitary format.

    It consists of the leading, orthodox Catholic blogs. The columnists are from all over the English-speaking world and are mainly priests, although there are some excellent lay contributors as well.

    This is the newspaper of the 21st century.

  2. Thanks Francis, but where is it?

  3. when is the church ready for mass after building work

  4. Well, I do hope you succeed. I think that intelligent readers are not looking for a reprint of the Catholic Catechism, but advice and support for their faith though testimony and example. They want to live a christian life of service and love. If your newspaper does that you will be providing the Church a great service to complement the other great Catholic newspapers

  5. Father, here is an example of what I meant back in in the summer.

    It is a daily Catholic internet "newspaper" which collates some of the best articles from Catholic websites and blogs. There are others around too.