Wednesday, 19 June 2013

St. Joseph is added to the other Eucharistic Prayers

According to this video report from Rome Reports, priests are allowed to introduce the change immediately. However, it is not clear that this means only in the Latin since other translations are being prepared. Since it is a simple change and the best English translation (c.f. Fr. Z) is "with Blessed Joseph, her spouse" (this fits in with the style of the new Missal) there seems little reason to wait. There was a debate on Fr. Z's blog initiated by a Canon Lawyer suggesting that there should be a waiting period of three months, but since the Vatican has already said that we "may" implement the change I see no problem. However, I have been wrong before.....

This small change is one of great significance. Some years ago on a Marian Priests' retreat I heard a priest from Scotland speak about the importance of St. Joseph. I wanted to hear more so I quizzed him over a late night coffee. He told me that before the Second Coming St. Joseph had to be given his rightful place in the Church. I think he was referring to a prophecy from a saint or a mystic but I can't remember which one. I know he was also thinking about the October miracle at Fatima and what followed this, suggesting that St. Joseph had a greater importance than most people imagined. However there has always been a theological question hovering in the background about the place of Original Sin in St. Joseph's life. Pope Pius X11's comments about Our Lady (the promulgation of the Dogma of the Assumption) as unique in being without Original Sin at conception rules out any thought of Joseph being granted the same privilege. However, it is commonly held that he did not sin, and was granted freedom from Original Sin at his circumcision.

St. Joseph is the Patron of the Universal Church. This is an important title, and anything which increases our awareness of his intercession is undeniably good. Just how good remains to be seen, but I suspect we have yet to discover what graces God has in store through the prayers of this great saint.  

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  1. Father John, thank you for posting this. I would love to hear more about St. Joseph receiving his rightful place before the second coming. If you have any suggestions please let me know? Also really love your blog and the banner on top. Speaks volumes. I joined the Marian Movement for Priests about 33 years ago. Still continue to pray for Priests everyday. Blessings to you.