Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fr. Rufus Pereira RIP


Fr. Rufus Pereira, the well-known speaker, retreat giver and authority on deliverance and exorcism has died aged 79 in London. On one blog some very nasty things have been said about him by two fellow priests, but these remarks have been dismissed by others. he was apparently attacked by a fellow priest in India recently but the matter was hushed up - possibly because he wanted no action to be taken. I am not surprised that some people objected to him. Fr. Rufus often confronted evil spirits and they obviously did not like his ministry. he also did a great deal for drug addicts and, I believe, was the first Indian priest to set up a drug rehabilitation centre (Mumbai). I met him four times, three times at conferences on deliverance and once at the New Dawn Conference in Walsingham (last year). My own impression of him is that he was a man of great faith with a child-like and open heart and with a great love for his fellow priests.


  1. He was a very nice priest. I had met about 2 months ago in Mumbai and he had prayed over me. May his soul rest in peace. Great priest, great soul.

  2. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

  3. Eternal rest grant unto him, let perpetuatl light shine upon him, may he rest in peace, Amen.
    Thank you so much for putting this on your blogspot Father. Don't know what made me look today, but did get a shock, as Father Rufus prayed over me just a few weeks ago, after a talk he did at a retreat day for a healing team. As he is no longer with us, just thought I'd share a bit of his wisdom re: healing/deliverance as follows;
    * Unforgiveness is the first block to spiritual healing
    *Illness can be due to a)physical b)emotional c)spiritual causes or a combination of one or more of these
    When praying with someone for healing, proceed as follows;
    Look at the signs i.e. physcial/emotional/spiritual pain to diagnose problem. then ask them to...
    Ask pardon of everyone I have ever hurt
    Renounce every type of occult practice.
    As you said Father Abberton, Fr Rufus did battle with evil spirits but it did not phase him, his simple self-protection formula each night was as follows;
    1. Make an act of contrition
    2. Forgive everyone who has hurt me
    3. Renounce all occult practices
    - now there's a man who literally practised what he preached!
    God rest his soul.

  4. Can You please tell me where the priests have written against Father Rufus. I would surely like to read and reply. Don't worry I am a Christian, those are supposedly priests so I will not say anything nasty to them because they are still men of god. But hopefully by the time I reply to them they may end up asking god for forgiveness.
    To Know his connection with god you had to attend a service of his, I did. From a person who started doubting the power of god I ended up seeing god's power through father.
    I heard the self protection formula but thank you for reminding me . Thank you

  5. I would like to add to my earlier post.
    I have seen how during father Rufus's mass a candle from the altar just shot up to the ceiling and come down with the candle still burning (St Andrew'Church).
    I have seen people just falling with just his touch. (NO HE DIDN'T PUSH ANYONE OR HYPNOTIZE THEM FIRST) and I have seen just by his service how a carotid artery of a person opened up and have seen the MRI to prove the miracle.

    I was in shock to read that he had died. I met him before he left and was waiting for him to return. I felt so unsafe suddenly as if my connection with god was suddenly gone and so did the protection. But the realization that now he is more accessible and closer to god made it easier to accept. I say a prayer ever day for him and it feels odd because I was the one who always asked him to pray for me.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  6. I have met Fr. Rufus in 2009; there was a retreat held in Japan.
    Hundreds of people have attended his retreat and I have seen many who were healed.
    I was one of them. My life has drastically changed since I attended his retreat.
    I was so blessed to receive such graces of healing from God through Fr. Rufus.
    It was not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually I was healed!
    Since then I feel free as I reborn; it automatically bring big changes in my life pattern.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  7. I cannot recall the blog on which the negative comments appeared. I did not take note of it and moved on. I expect that if you google the announcement of his death you will find that site quickly enough.

  8. He truly is a man of god. I excelled in my work place after he prayed over me.I mastered the number keys even without practice.

    Evelyn Misquitta