Monday, 7 May 2012

Phyllis Bowman RIP

Phyllis Bowman who was instrumental in founding S.P.U.C. and has been a tireless campaigner against abortion and euthanasia, has just died aged 85. She came to my church when I was parish priest at St. Peter's, Bradford. She was a good friend of the late Canon Lyons of the Leeds Diocese - another early and courageous defender of human life. Phyllis seemed to be "in the know" when it came to politicians' views on abortion. She got to know who she could rely on. Leaving S.P.U.C., she helped found Right to Life which has particularly fought against the introduction of euthanasia in Britain. May God grant her eternal rest.

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  1. I also knew Phyllis and always marvelled at her knowledge, generosity of spirit and staunch defence of human life. May the angels lead her into paradise.