Friday, 11 May 2012

Medjugorje and the scandal of Caritas of Birmingam (AL)

This Medjugorje web site has all the necessary information to make the case against Caritas (of Birmingham). In my view something needs to be done by a person or persons in authority and done quickly. There should be a careful assessment of the "apparitions" that have taken place there, connected  (even if not directly) to the odd teachings on marriage coming from there. I do believe that the basis of Medjugorje is authentic, but as the Holy Father recently reminded us even some famous saint/mystics made mistakes. In my view Marija is making (has made) a series of serious mistakes in going there and I would even question the validity of those apparitions and messages received there. In my view this is a serious matter and there could be very serious repercussions for any future investigations (not to mention the present one) into the events at Medjugorje.


  1. Phew! For a moment I was wondering what was going on in dear old Brumagem!

  2. I understand that Medjugorje has not been approved by the Holy Father, and a lot of "waffle" as they say in this part of the world has gone on about the situation for many years. It does sound rather shady considering the post-apparatins careers of the seers and the finanancial profits that have been made--but I do not want to get involved in this subject, though I have read all manner of things about it , and it is a hot potato. I am sure Lourdes and Fatima HAD CONTROVERSY AT FIRST, esecially Lourdes where there were a lot of "copycat" visions after Bernadette, BUT THEY WERE APPROVED BY THE Holy Father ultimately.


  3. Medjugorje is REAL. It saved my life. Our Lady saved me. I was in Medjugorje. I was shocked and thankful that EVERYTHING there is centred on Jesus, all because of Our Lady. Mass everyday throughout the day. Confessions ongoing all day. All three rosaries said after mass each day. And almost everyday Eucharistic Adoration of Jesus. It is all bringing people back to Jesus.
    Everything from Medjugorje has turned my life around. I am so happy living a life with Jesus in His commandments, and the sacraments.
    The medjugorje parish has said, only their Franciscan Bookshop, their information centre, their Radio Mir, and their website are allowed to publish the medjugorje story. So any other stories are not approved though they may be accurate. The pope had said it's a place worthy of pilgrimage. The people of medjugorje are sooooo poor, even the visionaries haven't gained a penny or dollar for themselves from these events. It is all for Jesus.