Friday, 3 February 2012

The distortion of Marriage and sex education; Wrong thinking can destroy lives!

Dr. Miriam Grossman is the author of "You're teaching My Child What?". The subtitle of the book is; "A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child". I have just started reading the book. In the introduction Dr. Miriam tells the story of meeting a 20-year old student at a campus presentation she gave on sexual health. The young woman admitted to having a serious disease as a result of sexual intercourse. Dr. Miriam tells us that this disease can lead to cervical cancer (HPV.16: 40% chance of cancer). The doctor had been speaking about the dangers of early intercourse, but it is clear that, at the age of 20, this young woman had had considerably more than one sexual partner. She told the doctor that thinking it all over, the serious medical risk was worth the pleasure she had had with those partners. It is certainly shocking to read this, but we should not be surprised. Recently there was a documentary programme on UK TV about young "brits" holidaying in Greece and how the emergency medical services provided there were being stretched because of drunkenness and drug-induced medical emergencies. The young people interviewed seemed deliberately self-destructive and showed no concern about the problems they were causing for other people nor the time and money needed to deal with their excesses. Some years ago I suspected that this situation of hedonism and selfishness would get worse. Now these things are celebrated as "good" things. Many young people consider drunkenness and vomiting in public places to be "good" Why? The answer is simple; pleasure. This, for many people, is the meaning of life whether they be young or old. It is the false God of pleasure that has taken many forms. Basically, it is Satan himself, and he is killing people.

I include here the video found on the blog Anglican Mainstream. Dr. Grossman is giving evidence to a state hearing about a possible bill that will allow and promote a certain kind of sex education. We need to heed her warning.

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  1. Father - thank you for posting and I want to thank you as a parent for taking the time to read her book! I read her lst book when it was first published and immediately purchased several copies, giving them to friends, work associates, priests, teachers & family members. The reactions have been instructive too.

    There is so much I can say on this and allied topics, but I will spare you and your readers. I will conclude that my brief experience has been many Catholic leaders seem asleep and/or undereducated in dealing with the cultural issues of our time, and many just don't know or don't want to know, and some have no desire educating parents in a way that THEY truly become the 'primary educators' of their children. Not all, but those that do want to have positive influence are fighting a battle within in many ways. It is a culture war inside and outside the church.

    So know I am curious to hear how you will try to disseminate this information to parish leaders, teachers, and parents besides the blog posting?

    Where do you see how they could effectively use and present the information to parents and young adults? How do you see this revamping educational material and class lessons? How are you going to share this with your fellow priests and supervisors? What recommendations come to mind?

    Back in 2004, it dawned on me that Catholics (and other Christians & society as a whole) have forgotten what Christian friendship is, what it looks like, and how to encourage it effectively, and how to pass on the understanding of this beautiful gift.

    Christian friendship has been replaced by anti-bullying lessons and I don't think the latter will help young minds understand the deep loving friendship Christ desires with each of us on personally. Just my thought.