Monday, 6 February 2012

This heartbreaking tragedy

I was thinking this morning about Syria. I was privileged to be there for a few days some years ago as part of an ecumenical pilgrimage (TLIG). I remember visiting the great mosque in Damascus and briefly chatting with some vendors in the market. One of them asked who we were (there were two or three of us together looking at some stalls). He said, "We are very tolerant here. You are very welcome!" It is certainly true that Christians managed to live in peace there. What will happen when everything changes. Of course, it must change now. As we read in this report women and children, as well as men, have been brutally murdered by the forces loyal to the regime. Unfortunately, what has happened elsewhere (e.g. Egypt) may happen here - a more rigid Islamist group may try to take control, and then the Christians will be in great danger.

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  1. The little boys face has stayed with me since yesterday. He looks so innocent and vulnerable. God love him.