Monday, 17 October 2011

Women bishops? Maybe it won't be as bad as this, - on the other hand....

I found this picture on the "Ancient Briton" blog, which gives a link to VirtueOnline with this report. As the "Ancient Briton" says, it is important to read the comments. Perhaps, looking at this, many members of the C of E will say something like, "That will not happen here. This is England". I am reminded of a similar phrase from the play "A Man for all Seasons" where More and Norfolk are discussing what might happen. Norfolk says something like, "That won't happen here, Thomas; this is England!" Well, it might, or something like it. I have often wondered why it is that the Anglican Church insists on shooting itself in the foot so often. Of course, the R Catholic Church has sometimes cut its own hamstrings especially with regard to catechetics and the failure to present the WHOLE Faith, as the Vatican insisted we should. But. at least, some people are now trying to rectify things. When you make mistakes it is best to admit them so that you can move on and try to repair the damage. To see others making the mistakes or having made the mistakes you are about to commit yourself - and then to continue making them - what's that called I wonder?


  1. I did take a look at the link. I am not one in favour of women Bishops and perhaps the choice of vestments is not to my taste.
    However, those comments are sexist and terribly unkind. How is it that people think that merely disagreeing with an issue gives them a right to insult and deride?
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Yes, you have a point about those comments. I was perhaps reading them too flippantly. We have to be careful not to fall unto disrespectful behavior and language over this issue - thanks for the warning.