Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A cause for Concern - Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone's twitter (here) on the feast of St. Teresa is worrying. Let's be frank (sorry!), if the bishop says "come here" we go. If he says, "go there" we do it. In Fr. Pavone's case the removal from major pro-life work may turn out to be temporary. Why damage his reputation by behaving like a spoilt brat?


  1. “It is becoming, therefore, that ye also should be obedient to your bishop, and contradict him in nothing; for it is a fearful thing to contradict any such person. For no one does [by such conduct] deceive him that is visible, but does [in reality] seek to mock Him that is invisible, who, however, cannot be mocked by any one. And every such act has respect not to man, but to God.” (St. Ignatius: Letter to the Magnesians; Ch 3)
    “Some indeed give one the title of bishop, but do all things without him. Now such persons seem to me to be not possessed of a good conscience, seeing they are not stedfastly gathered together according to the commandment.” (St. Ignatius: Letter to the Magnesians; Ch 4)

  2. Comparatively speaking Fr. Pavone is doing much better than Fr....er, Mr.Corapi and his "Blacksheep Dog" blog. I am praying for both men and their vocations.

    Of course different set of circumstances, I know.