Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The New Translation - a different approach to celebrating the Mass?

At a recent meeting for priests and deacons in my diocese to introduce the New Missal (which is already on its way), I asked a question of the speaker - an American liturgist and translator - if priests are still allowed to offer their own introductions to the Penitential Rite and the Lord's Prayer. He said that we are, quoting a Vatican document which is still in force. Some people do not like this. Another liturgist not very far away said the same thing. However, it seems clear from what I have read and heard elsewhere that the hope of others - notably some Cardinals and bishops - is that this practice (of "these or similar words") will stop.

We have also been told that the Directory for Children's Masses is still in force. This directory certainly presumes that such freedom is necessary. So, my question is, "where do we go from here?" Personally I am more than happy to remain within the prescribed text, but we need clarity in this matter. If we are to stop using our own introductions (or if this is to be strictly limited to children's Masses) we need to be told. Why should this be a strange request?

I sense that a new direction is required for the New Translation. I am happy to comply - more than happy, but why can't we have clarity about these things? That's all I ask.

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