Monday, 17 October 2011

Researching Freemasonry

I am reading about Freemasonry. It is like trying to find your way through a dark forest where there are so many false trails. Some of the videos on YouTube are, frankly, ridiculous. Others look good. One or two are apparently reliable. I have now read three books on the subject and I am dipping into another. I will post more on this subject later. For now I can assure anyone who wants to know that the top group of Masons are involved in things that are not only unacceptable to Christians but are dangerous to the well-being of the world (as I see it). In case there are any Catholic Masons reading this, you need to know that Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope) reiterated the Church's ruling against Masonic membership - it is classed as a "grave sin" and prevents one receiving Holy Communion. Some Masons tell Catholics what amount to lies about this. By the way, no modern Pope has been a Mason though - sadly and rather scarily - it is said that there are Masons not too far away from the Papal apartments. I knew one archbishop who told a group of us priests (on pilgrimage once) that he knew who they were and that they scattered when he went to the Vatican. I suppose his grace was exaggerating - but exaggeration is usually based on truth.


  1. Indeed father, I have heard and read that there are/were FMs in the Vatican and I am sure they are in the Royal Family. My Cousin was the Grandmaster of the Heckondwike Lodge, my late father told me but said it was only a business venture and nothing worse--I don't know if he still is, or if there still is a lodge at Heckondwike . Most FMs are probably harmless and do some good works, its those who become involved in the funny business in the more advanced part of the movement, when they go through the arch or something. I dont see how any Roman Catholic can be a freemason at all, let alone someone in holy orders!


  2. I knew a very devout man, who converted to Catholicism, but who was also a mason, he became very ill.
    I do not know if there was a link, I do know he may have had a blind spot regarding masonry, because he spent so many hours praying and at Mass.Oaths and vows, where you initiate a curse on your own life should you break them, are dangerous. They give ground to the enemy. Other actions do this aswell, ofcourse. I am not immune to stepping outside of the Lord's protection myself, so I am not moralising here, just recognising. It happens to me,when I begin to imagine I am a player in a game, rather than a soldier in a battle, to the death.

  3. According to various prophecies, including those of Fr Stefano Gobbi, the ultimate goal of the Freemasons is to get one of their number on the throne of St. Peter. I doubt this will be a legimately elected pope, since Christ guaranteed that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but they could perhaps be sucessful in placing an anti-pope in the Vatican, forcing the true pope into exile to "die a cruel death". Anyone inside Masonic ranks could never be legitmately elected as pope, since this status automatically incurs excommunication. I know this is purely speculation, but once a Freemason is seated on the throne of St. Peter (which would fulfil the prophecy of the man of sin seated in the temple of God described by St. Paul, as well as La Salette), he could abuse papal infalibility (which of course wouldn't apply since he would not be legitimately elected) to conform to Protestant doctrines and attempt to deconstruct the Church from within. Fr Gobbi seems to imply that such a person would do away with the doctrine of transubstantiation, thus fulfiling Daniel's prophecy of the abomination of desolation - when the daily sacrifices would be taken away for a "time, times and half a time".
    The true Church would still exist, but it would be much smaller in number, and the sheep would be scattered without a shepherd.

  4. Interesting comments here about Fr. Gobbi. The idea of a "masonic" Pope is an old one and appears authentic, but I understand that the situation has changed with regard to some of these prophecies and that we have been saved from some of them through the consecration of priests to the Immaculate Heart, through the ministry and suffering of Blessed John Paul and, of course, through the prayers and sufferings of laity and good people in the world. We may have already passed through some of these things. The changes in the Liturgy under the present Pope make the removal of the sacrifice more difficult. However, there is evidence that this has already happened, and Fr. Gobbi made some reference to this at one time, speaking about the defective intentions of some priests making their Masses invalid. As far as the abomination is concerned there is also evidence that this has also happened and may even have been corrected. On the other hand it could be argued that the changes in the Liturgy and especially the restoration of the 1962 Latin Rite are part of a preparation for something bad that may come after the death of Pope Benedict. Whatever happens, we can be sure that we have the Mass, and there will always be some priests able to celebrate it.