Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Watch this amazing pro-life film and get others to watch it

This is Ray Comfort, a New Zealand-born Evangelical who has made one of the most powerful pro-life (and pro-Gospel) films I have ever seen. It is especially aimed at young people. You can watch it here (180 Movie). I found it very moving towards the end. It makes us aware (again) how many people DO NOT KNOW THE GOSPEL MESSAGE (what! You mean that in 2011 they don't know what Jesus did? Yes, some people really don't know). I believe - profoundly - that one of the reasons so many people are deaf to the Gospel is that they have not been convicted of SIN. If you don't know your are in need of redemption, why do you need a redeemer? If you don't know anything about the ugliness and danger of sin, why do you need forgiveness? If you think you are good and that you will surely go to heaven when you die, why do you need Jesus Christ? I have often said and thought that Evangelicals have and are leading the way in preaching the basic Gospel message. Of course I cannot accept some of their theologies (Ray Comfort, however, seems to be on the right track when it comes to salvation), but they preach about the Cross, deliverance from sin, forgiveness etc. Before you can preach these things you have to believe in them - before you can really preach Jesus Christ, you have to KNOW who is is, and that means KNOWING HIM.

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