Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"Women bishops will humanise the Church?"; has the Archbishop of Canterbury finally lost it?

With respect, I think the Archbishop of Canterbury may have decided to leave the ranks of orthodox Christians. His recent statement (read about it here) seems to suggest that he has finally decided to admit that he cannot read the bible properly (nor can any male bishop or priest, without the company of a female cleric). Of course, he can't really mean that, surely? But what does he mean when he says that women bishops are needed to "humanize" the Church? Men, of course, are less than human - without women. Is this what he means? Is he talking about complementarity? Is he saying that men and women need each other to be complete? Well, that's fine, but does this mean that the priesthood is not sufficiently "humanised" unless we have both men and women bishops? Should we, in fact - wouldn't it be better to test-tube create some hermaphrodites and ordain them - then we would really be on the ball.

So, here we go again with what Americans might call "cockamamie theology". Sadly - and I do respect him in so many ways - I have seldom seen such twaddle. If pro-Catholic Anglicans do not come into the Ordinariate after this, when will they come?


  1. If it is in the Anglican Church does it really cause a problem in the Roman Catholic Church Father, I can't see that it does, I am sure not even Vatican 11 or if there ever is a Vatican 111, would ever so this, though they have gone a bit wonky with other matters that at one time would have been anathema.I am sure this Pope, our Holy Father Benedict, would never dress up as a Druid either.

    Can I just add that I loved the Sunday Mass at 4 pm, though it made my knees ache a little, both the timing and the service are best for me,


  2. Barbara -
    The problem is mainly with Christian Unity which we are obliged to seek in accordance with the will of Christ. As Cardinal Kasper warned the Church of England when he came to visit Canterbury, there can be no progress towards unity whilst the Anglicans continue to erect these serious barriers. Most of them have not listened because they believe - mistakenly - that they are leading everyone else in this matter. Sadly this is a very serious delusion and it (along with the homosexuality confusion) will eventually cause the collapse of the Church of England as we know it. The real hope for the C of E now lies with the Evangelicals, but can they unite and act together - even that sometimes looks unlikely.