Friday, 7 October 2011

Do you have a pain in the neck? (NB this has nothing to do with marriage, parish priests or parishioners))

This poor chap may be suffering from "text neck", a new repetitive strain injury apparently brought on by use of mobile phones or the iPad. It might also be caused by work at the desktop computer, depending on the angle of the neck and the length of time we remain in a certain position. Frequent exercise can help deal with it and taking breaks from using screens. We also need to think about correct posture. All of this is in today's Daily Telegraph. Specialists say that "text neck" is caused by "flex neck". This may provide another test for inebriation;

Constable: "Before you blow into this bag, say this quickly; 'Text neck is caused by flex neck'"
Inebriated driver: "Flex neck is caused by flex teck"
Constable: "Never mind - blow into the bag"

I was also thinking of the possibility of another injury or annoyance - "Blogger's neck". Of course, some bloggers could be said to have "brass neck", others could be said to have no neck at all, and still others could be described as sticking their necks out or even placing it on the block! Of course, in the case of some blogs and bloggers, readers could be described as having a "blog neck" or even calling a particular blogger a "pain in the neck".

Blogger's neck - a repetitive strain injury reflecting a certain numbness in the part of the brain connected with cognitive thinking, or,

Blogger's neck - a sense of hopelessness, reflected in a pain in the neck after repeated attempts to make someone else see sense, or,

Blogger's neck - caused by repeated bashing of the head against a computer screen or, worse, a nearby wall, in frustration at unwittingly becoming involved in a stream of nonsense consciousness or pseudo-theological twaddle.

Add your own definition - no, don't!

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  1. Thanks Father! The first good laugh I've had (inspired by a blog) for several weeks.