Friday, 16 September 2011

There I was!

Here I am (was) with two other Yorkshire TLIG pilgrims. You don't get a good idea of the heat from this, especially as I am (was) wearing a jacket. It was soon removed! My eyes had been stinging quite a bit the day before and started again. This was the day of the Angelus address which was beamed in from the Pope's summer residence. I am not holding a stick by the way - that is my camera strap.


  1. You look a very holy trio, standing there!!!

  2. Dear Father,
    I was there too! These were very special days for me and I will treasure them for the rest of my life. It was like coming home to my brothers and sisters after discovering TLIG online two years ago. The day of the audience was really special waiting in the hot sun and for once I remembered to offer up all the heat and the waiting. As a priest put it very eloquently on our bus, our prayers for unity are answered in very mysterious ways not apparent to our perception but known to God in ways that we cannot even imagine.For instance the Lutherans uniting and the Anglicans seeking communion with the Catholic church. Let us keep the fire of Love burning in our hearts and permeate all we do.