Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hard Pilgrimage and days of rest

I am coming to the end of a few days rest following a hard ecumenical pilgrimage to Rome, San Giovanni and Assisi. The heat was almost unbearable at times, being above 30 degrees most of the time and, in Rome especially, the sunlight was searing. My eyes were stinging badly for three days. Some ladies in the group were badly bitten by they don't know what. There were 800 of us, from different countries and denominations - mainly Catholic and Orthodox variations (Eastern rite groups and Orthodox groups such as Armenians). We attended a Papal audience and thought we had been ignored (not mentioned) but it turned out that we had been mentioned under the title of "the Group of Peter and Paul". Our pilgrimage was sub-headed as the meeting of Peter and Paul.
The office of Christian Unity was aware of our pilgrimage and we heard that the Pope had been informed of our coming by a bishop, and remarked that he knew Vassula. This was an important pilgrimage for readers of True Life in God and for Vassula. More later.


  1. I am glad you are back Father. Very glad.

  2. Welcome home Father. Have missed you.

  3. Welcome home Father, I have missed your posts.
    Take the best care,
    Blessings and prayers,