Thursday, 1 September 2011

Away for a week or so

I shall be away next week on an ecumenical pilgrimage in Rome and surrounding area. After that I shall be having a few days rest!! I may post something then, depending on the situation. I shall pray for all those I am in touch with through this blog and through the internet. I do pray for you all every day. God bless.


  1. Have a wonderful time Father. I had just sent you an e mail with the next Carmelite meeting ( moved to the 11th) but you will be away anyway, I will let the group know. I am going away to Ampleforth, it is lovely to have these spiritual breaks though my dog does not agree (he is a rescue and very possessive of me!)You will certainly need a rest when you return. I am still barred from my car due to the pot on my arm so I cannot come over at the moment, it is walking everywhere--or bus and trains,


  2. Peace be with you , Please please do pray for me. I assume you are going on the TLIG pilgrimage? That should be awesome , I wish I could go. maybe someday . I will keep you in my prayers too Fr.

    and May God Bless and Keep you