Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Street riots and youth; is THIS part of the story?

I have just started reading this book by Mark Stibbe, an Evangelical Christian. I am also linking up with his blog because I believe he is presenting a vital message for our society (ies). Of course, there is nothing new about the idea that family breakdown has much to do with present unrest, but it needs to be correctly presented in a Christian context. I have not seen anything on this level coming from the Catholic or Orthodox communities. It has to be said that it is often Evangelicals who get hold of the real issues in society and - because of their biblical confidence (I know I am generalizing), it is often such writers as Mark Stibbe who, as the Americans say, "come up with the goods"

At the beginning of the book, Stibbe refers to studies and statistics which relate civil disturbance, especially in cases of young people, to family breakdown and, in particular, to absent fathers. Of course, we know (and this can be found on his blog) that "bad" or absent mothers can also cause big problems. In this context it is enlightening to read about Eddie Izzard and Angelina Jolie. Absent fathers is a long standing problem in Afro-Caribbean communities, but we also need to be fearlessly honest (and not "PC") about the problems relating to one-parent families in the wider community. The Catholic Church is very pro-family and there have been numerous statements over the last few years about the importance of stable family life. Pope Benedict spoke about it recently, but we need popular presentations such as this book by Mark Stibbe. I paid the full price for mine (at the conference last week) but it can be found on Amazon at the usual mark-down.


  1. I don't know about ban the burka. Ban the jacket we call a hoodie. It has a lot to answer for.

    The evil lies in the media's love of visual drama leading to copy-cat criminality.
    This is an excuse for theft on a grand scale.
    The Devil is exploiting the human weakness of envy.

    "Thou shalt not covet"

    However, when you see the advertisments for high tech gadgets, massive TVs etc the temptation to loot is there given the opportunity.
    Our Lord was tempted with worldly goods and esteem. He resisted and the Devil fled.

    I'll get hold of the book you recommend. It's time for a bit of RC evangelical "fire and brimstone" talk too.
    I hope my priest reads this!

  2. Excellent Father!
    Richard does have a point, we have become far too materialistic as a society. Watching the news last night I found it disturbing how many youths were proudly taking pictures on their mobile phones. It is a sad day when this type of destructive violence becomes entertainment.

    Like the new look of your Blog by the way!