Monday, 8 August 2011

Is society really breaking down?

Fr. Finegan's post on the current street riots prompts me to ask questions which include reference to the Holy Scriptures. I'm sure that many Christians will be looking at the world financial crisis and the beginning of street riots as more signs that we are in the "end times". In fact we have been in the end times since the Ascension. As things get worse in the West some might be asking if we are near some significant spiritual events. Historically it is difficult to isolate present difficulties from the suffering of the 20th century with its World Wars, the Cold War and the moral corruption of Western society. In the Church we saw mass defections from the priesthood and religious life over a thirty year period. There was a story about Pope Paul VI slumping over his desk after being faced with a list of priests asking for laicization, and going to the beginning of the last century, the story of Leo XIII's experience of hearing a dialogue between Christ and Satan in which the enemy was granted a century in which to attempt the destruction of the Church. Interestingly, someone at last week's conference remarked on that exchange, suggesting - correctly I think - that this dialogue represents something going back to a time before our ancient ancestors existed. I never doubted the truth contained in that dialogue and the fact that Pope Leo "heard" it at the beginning of the most turbulent century in the history of the world encourages me to think that we are living through the Book of Revelation. Blessed John Paul II knew this. In 1978, before he became Pope he spoke to the United Nations in these terms. It explains much of his pontificate, and of his life and death. On the news this morning a reporter suggested that there is worse to come. I have to agree with him. If that century is now over, and the enemy has not achieved what he boasted of, we may now be suffering the reaction. We are not dealing with a being that accepts defeat graciously, we are dealing with the most dangerous, evil and savage maniac in existence.

Some people may read this post and think that I have lost my reason. Some people no longer believe in the Devil. I am reminded of the words of a famous exorcist who said a couple of years ago, "If clergy child abuse is not a sign of the presence of evil spirits, I don't know what is!" As I have said before - with respect - it is time our bishops woke up. On the conference last week a well-known Irish priest writer and speaker said that the Irish church is "imploding" He also said that, whereas before the bishops looked on him as an "idiot" they are now begging for his help when they come across people who need deliverance because, apparently, there are no officially appointed exorcists in Ireland. In my view, this last comment says it all.


  1. Judging by the images on the news this morning with total anarchy on the streets of London, I would say it most definately is.
    A powerful post Father. I never underestimate the power of the devil he is everywhere.

  2. Prayer, prayer, prayer. "Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid." Our faith and courage may be tested, but prayer is the answer, especially the Rosary. Thank you, Father, for your blog.

  3. Can angels weep?
    SEE Shadowland's posts and a comment mentioning you as a source of possible enlightenment.

    I guess the Devil can laugh, (formerly an angel) so if you can laugh maybe you can also weep.

    This is a philosophical/theological question, not anthropomorphising non-material parts of creation.

  4. "This is a philosophical/theological question, not anthropomorphising non-material parts of creation."

    Well, none of the above was my personal reason for posting Margaret, it was a question someone asked me, in my comment section about a different topic. I don't know what one of the words above even means, 'anthropomorphising' haha!

  5. Dear Father John

    Can I re-phrase my query which conveyed the wrong impression.
    I was not asking if angels have tear-ducts or wings etc. which is why I used the big word!

    The mission of angels as messengers made me wonder about their emotional involvement with us humans in creation.
    I felt you might have something to say as you are open to these thoughts although, as you note, those of us who are can be considered ... well...!
    Billy Graham wrote a book on the subject of angels many years ago and I know you admire some aspects of his evangelism. Rabbi Blue sees angels as anyone who acts out the will of God.

    I am convinced they are beings though, at risk of my reputation, I will not tell you why!
    Thank you in anticipation.

  6. Margaret,
    Your questions have set me thinking, and I will try to put some thoughts down, but just at the moment I am involved in studying something else (or some things else) for some papers and talks I have to give. I will get back to the Angels when I can. It is a fascinating subject.

  7. Dear Fr Abberton,

    I think you should have a look at this blog:
    It goes a long way in defending and rehabilitating Fr Gobbi's Blue Book - and I think that the MMP should be paying attention to it.

  8. "Anonymous" I am very grateful for this information. I am reading around this kind of stuff at the moment. I am reading about Freemasonry and the New World Order - something I have been very skeptical about until very recently. This website and the book you directed me to looks like the kind of thing I should follow up.