Monday, 8 August 2011

New Dawn Conference 2011

This is a photo from last year (I was also there then). I only managed to take three or four photos and cannot upload them! I don't know how many people were there this year, but the big tent seemed to be full for most of the main sessions. I spent some of my time on the "healing team" praying with people along with a friend from North Wales. Since I am involved in the deliverance ministry I had some work to do! I also presented two workshops - one on the Christian Virtues (which did not go very well) and the other on Our Lady (which was better). On Wednesday I had the honour of being chief concelebrant at the Mass in the Abbey grounds. This was the 650th anniversary - to the day - of the singing of the last Salve Regina before the closing of the shrine (under Henry VIII). We had a beautiful rendition of the Salve by the music group before we began the Mass. This year is the 950th anniversary of the founding of the ancient Walsingham shrine.


  1. "...Christian Virtues (which did not go very well)"

    Even in a gathering of Christians?

    Glad you enjoyed the week. You never know who you might have influenced.

  2. The reason that workshop did not go well was that I had not done enough preparation, even though I had been reading up on it for weeks before. Actually, when you get into it, the topic is pretty complicated.