Sunday, 31 July 2011

New Dawn Conference

I will probably not be posting anything until next weekend because tomorrow (Monday) I travel to Walsingham for the New Dawn Conference where I am giving two workshops - one on Our Lady and one on the Christian Virtues.


  1. Take your camera for a post on your return.
    Christian Virtues? Challenging in the current climate!

  2. I shall say some prayers for you, while you are away Fr John.

    Do please, as Terry says, bring some photographs back for your blog! Also, what do they give you to eat in these establishments?

    We will miss you and your thoughts, (well I certainly will)!

  3. The last time I went to Walsingham--four years ago---I have to say the food was something of a penance--that is in the main place. Most retreat centres these days do very good food and you no longer have to wash up, as we did in the past--Praise the Lord ! There are two other places for which I remember sufferig "penitential" food but will mention no names--food is mostly so good that the only risk it gaining inches! I do hope that the Walsingham food is now more tasty, because we were a Christian group no-one wanted to complain!And it all added to the "spirit" of being on Pilgrimage, as well as reminding us that we are fortunate to have food at all.
    Like Terry and Shadowlands I hope you will treat us to some photographs.


  4. I heard the ecumenical service from Walsingham on the radio this morning. Were you there?

  5. I returned on Friday, but I have been very busy over the weekend and I am very tired. I will post something on Monday