Sunday, 31 July 2011

For Ireland and the Irish Church

There is something about this hymn (written by Dana?). It always brings a lump to my throat for some reason (in a good sense). Here is the late Frank Patterson's version. God bless Ireland and the Catholic Church.


  1. Yes it was written by Dana indeed. This is supposed to be the best version. I played it on our way one day to Knock on a pilgrimage. I played it on the bus on guitar. my version is less operatic and more upbeat.

    God bless

  2. I like this version of a lovely hymn! I had breakfast next to Dana's table last week at the Catholic Marketing Network in Philadelphia. She is still going strong, in fact there were three prominent Irishmen at the conference, tenor Mark Forrest, and a wonderful priest from Derry.
    Makes me proud of my Irish gran from Mohill!