Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dr. Scott Hahn rocks!

I found this by accident on YouTube. At the risk of upsetting some of my "trad" readers and friends, and all those who are implacably opposed to all kinds of "Christian" music outside the organ and schola - here is Scott playing in a band at Steubenville University. I think the leader's name is Matt Mayer. He seems to be well-known. Do you think we sometimes take ourselves a bit too seriously? Rock on Scott!


  1. I love this clip! Way to go Dr Scott!!

  2. Cool. There's a time and place for all kinds of praise for real Catholics who don't need labels.
    Thanks Father.
    We'll have a bit of plainchant next week to show we have catholic taste.

  3. Is he going to Madrid?

  4. I have to say I prefer to listen to Scott Hahn when he;s talking...

  5. "At risk of upsetting some..."

    I think I've just had a mystical experience in an Anglo-Catholic church.
    As a guest of a parishioner I visited an Anglican church today for a musical morning. It looks like a traditional Catholic church. At the back a Sacred Heart statue. To one side of the altar a statue of Our Lady with the Infant Jesus. A whiff of old incense. Plenty of flickering candles.
    On the other side a church organ and a white theatre organ, like a small Wurlitzer.

    I was momentarily shocked. Was this sacriledge?

    Then came the music- from the shows, the films, popular standards, light classics. filling the church. Heavenly tunes touching human emotions long buried. Inspired music from composers blessed with the gift of melody.
    I was transported.

    I glanced at Our Lady and felt her little Son would have thrilled at this. Our Lord could not possibly disapprove.

    Tomorrow it will be a solemn Mass there in the Anglican style I presume. The locals say it is "more Catholic than the Pope".

    Would "Traddies" have been more horrified at this than if it had been guitars and drums. Popular music! Scandalous!

    I'm still tingling.