Friday, 12 August 2011

The lie of "No choice"

I don't know who this person is, but since we cannot see his face - and he is a looter - I will allow him to represent those who argue, in their defence, that they "had no choice". I heard a well-covered young man say this on Sky News - "We had no choice". Why does he say this? Because he considers that society has let him down. But in his looting, did he steal food? No, he stole clothes and designer goods. This says something about the kind of society that he is speaking about. In a consumer society such as this (and others elsewhere) we have consumers of anything, and those who cannot "consume" what they want may sometimes turn to crime because - and this is the real point - we have attached personal worth to possessing things, especially those things which important, happy and fulfilled people seem to have. Any society can stand advertising just so long as there are strong moral and social values to balance it effect. This is not so much a "sick society" as a "tricked society" because it is partly built on lies - lies about the human person, lies about so-called human rights, lies about what is truly valuable. It is a society built partly on the exaltation of freedom without responsibility. It is in many ways an untruthful society - lying is endemic. Truth is relative. What is true for me may not be true for you - the only absolute is - don't get caught.

The lie about "no choice" is not just annoying, it is dangerous, and it is the kind of lie that eats away at social order. It is the same lie sometimes used to justify abortion; "I had no choice" - and yet the pro-abortion lobby is usually happy to be called "pro-choice". They want the choice to abort and then try to assuage their guilt by saying they had no choice! With regard to the looters, young or old, no one held a gun to their heads to make them loot; they had the freedom to do it or not. Freedom means choice. They chose to loot shops and they should be made to recognise this simple fact because if they do not accept responsibility there can be no reconciliation.

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  1. One of the happy chosen12 August 2011 at 14:37

    "Oh yes officer, I had no choice because the television ads tell me my life is incomplete without an iPad and designer shoes. I am a nobody."

    "Oh yes" says the Devil, "you are a nobody so it's good to have all the latest gadgets because that is how the economy works. Stealing won't matter to big business, the greedy insurance giants will repay the loss. After all look at the bankers and those who fiddle expenses. Why should you miss out!"

    "Oh NO!" says the Lord. "I've told you. Every hair of your hair is numbered. You are precious in my sight, destined for glory through my Son. You are a somebody. You are mine. Resist the Devil's subtle lie of peer pressure. Gangs are unknown to me.
    But you, my child, every hair is known, every cell, every blink, and also, every thought and motive that deviates from Love.
    I had a choice and I chose you, made in my image and likeness.
    You have a choice. CHOOSE ME!


    I hope you like my little parable Father John.