Friday, 26 August 2011

A Fishermen's Hymn

We are hearing a bit about St. Peter and the other Apostles in the Sunday Masses. I thought a fisherman's prayer might be in order. Let's pray for all those called to be "Fishers of men". Below is the Manx Evening hymn (you may need to turn up the volume).

HEAR us, O Lord, from Heaven, Thy dwelling-place;
Like them of old, in vain we toil all night,
Unless with us Thou go, Who art the Light;
Come then, O Lord, that we may see Thy face.

Our wives and children we commend to Thee;
For them we plough the land and plough the deep;
For them by day the golden corn we reap;
By night the silver harvest of the sea.

We thank Thee, Lord, for sunshine, dew and rain,
Broadcast from Heav'n by Thine almighty hand
Source of all life, unnumbered as the sand-
Bird, beast, and fish, herb, fruit, and golden grain.

O Bread of Life, Thou in Thy word hast said,
Who feeds in faith on Me shall never die!
In mercy hear Thy hungry children's cry,
Father, give us this day our daily bread!

Thou, Lord, dost rule the raging of the sea;
When loud the storm, and furious is the gale,
Strong is Thine arm; our little barks are frail;
Send us Thy help; remember Galilee.

Sow in our hearts the seeds of Thy dear love,
That we may reap contentment, joy, and peace;
Then, when at last our earthly labours cease,
Grant us to join Thy harvest home above.

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