Sunday, 28 August 2011

Video about Vassula

If anyone here is interested, Loyal to the Magisterium has a video about Vassula I was asked to "vet" it before it was issued. It is controversial and some will not like it, but there is at least one important point about it - events which were prophesied in and around Vassula's writings have happened. Of course we cannot point to exact details such as place, time and scale, but the connections between the words she wrote and the events themselves are striking.

Vassula, as most people know, is Greek Orthodox. Before she began having her mystical experiences she knew almost nothing about her own faith, and virtually nothing about the Catholic Church or any other denomination. Out of this vacuum she came to appreciate the Marian Rosary, the Real Presence and Papal primacy (in so far as she was able then). Since those early days she has become conversant with the Scriptures and has become informed about her own Orthodox traditions as well as reading some important works of Catholic spirituality, especially those of St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Her knowledge and grasp of theology is now quite remarkable. At the same time she possesses a wisdom that is rare and an instinct for what is wrong or dangerous either in theology, spirituality or human behaviour. She has been examined by experts. I have already said that a psychologist I knew well said, after being with her for an hour, that she was probably the sanest person he had even met. Her handwriting (often wrongly criticised as "automatic writing") was examined by both an exoricist who specialises in automatic writing and a graphologist. Both gave positive appraisals. There is more to be said, and I have said much of it before. Those who still argue that she is in some way "banned" by the Catholic Church are wrong and they need to read the account of the diologue the theologian Neils Hivdt had with Cardinal Ratzinger (why are they ignoring this?). Those who attacked Vassula when the Ecumenical Patriarchate issued its notification (it was not a formal condemnation), and suggested that she was thereby excommunicated are also wrong. She remains a member of the Orthodox Church under the Patriarch of Alexandria. That notification was not issued on paper, nor did it bear the seal of the Patriarch, nor has she herself been formally notified of it (the last two are especially important in the light of normal canonical procedure in the Orthodox Church). Catholics are free to read and benefit from her writings, just as they are free to read them and reject them - or not to read them at all. The letter from Cardinal Levada regarding membership of TLIG prayer groups has been answered and we have already moved on from there. Have a look at the video.


  1. Thanks , it's a great message!

  2. Great Post Fr.John and thanks for referring everyone to the video I posted by Usagi.

    I dont know what you mean by controversial though? *scratches his head in a bit of confusion*

    I think it's most excellent and a fantastic interview and introduction of Vassula. A great one for the youth in particular.

    Yours in TLIG

  3. Dear Father John,
    Thank you for posting the link on the video about Vassula and the message from God. I have truly been blessed today.I can never listen enough to Vassula and the words from Our Lord and Our Lady. These Messages are truly an oasis in the desert that this world has become. I pray for the day that we the children of the Father can cry with Jeremiah that His word 'becomes like fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones; I grow weary holding it in, I cannot endure it'.
    You are blessed Father for proclaiming these messages and God will give you strength like the eagle, you will run and not grow weary. May those who have ears hear.

  4. I have watched the video.
    I ask one thing. If I say I do not know what to say, I do not know what to think, can I still be an admirer of your blog and your open-hearted approach? Can I still be your friend though such matters puzzle and bewilder me?
    Can I say I fear the Old Testament God but love Jesus the image and likeness of Love?
    Now I have listened can I return to the familiar and joyful, placing my future in God's care, new every morning?
    Can I put my hand in the hand of the One who stilled the waters and hope and trust in His loving providence?

  5. Anonymous, I understand your questions. If it is not for you that's OK. Perhaps you would get more insight if you read her writings, but if that's not for you, that's OK as well. No problem.

  6. Stephen, it is "controversial" because it suggests that certain real events were somehow predicted by the "messages" (her writings). That is bound to be controversial, and some who do not like Vassula and TLIG will either reject that idea or will become contemptuous or even aggressive. Some who are open to such ideas will also be worried by it.

  7. Oh right. I see what you mean. Thanks for the clarification there.

    God bless