Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not again!

Well, I made a comment on someone's blog and, yet again, I was sniped at because I support Vassula Ryden. Sometimes when people do not like what I say they use her name as a way to denigrate my comments - as though that is a reputable way to debate something, by bringing someone else into the discussion, relevant or not. It has happened before, and it will probably happen again, but in my view, when I am discussing something that has nothing to do with Vassula it is simply wrong to swipe at me - and her - when something else is being discussed. Am I being unreasonable?

I am not going to defend Vassula - or myself for supporting her; I have done it so often I am getting tired of it. People just have to grow up.


  1. Dear Father John

    Let me explain the politics as I see it.

    Some weeks ago a remark was made at a time of inter-blog conflict that you had, at that particular juncture, a preference for one collective blog over another for perfectly legitimate reasons.
    At that time one appeared more rigid in its criteria for membership than the other.
    Someone supporting the blog that he considered slighted, will have relished the chance of retaliation!
    Such was the comment you mention. Totally irrelevant but calculated to wound.
    Detachment is the best policy. Supporting and defending something and someone in which you have confidence is not promoting. I'm afraid the person's tactic backfired.

  2. I haven't seen the comments you refer to, but I have seen you being sniped at elsewhere over your support for Vassula and you have responded with admirable restraint and charity.
    I agree, people just have to grow up.

  3. Father, we have no power over other people's views or published opinions, unless they are on our own blog or comment sections. These views posted are like little flies or at worse buzzing bees.

    God may use the comment to direct a soul to some of Vassula's writings, which may in turn, point a soul towards a spirit of unity within the body, much needed.

    We are not in charge of outcomes, we will only give an account of our footwork. Outcomes are God's business. We show up each day, if called into it, by His Will and do the best of our ability, or not. If not, we ask for forgiveness and try again.

    Never give up. Don't let discouragement settle.

    If you need prayer, ask. If you need fasting and prayer, give me a little notice!!

    God bless you. You're not alone, but you are in a battle.

    If all heck breaks loose, tell your Mother on them!

  4. You write:
    "It will probably happen again..."

    Not from that source Father, which says-
    "Let's draw a line under this..."

    Your dignified silence was the catalyst.

  5. Thank you for these comments. I was contemplating removing this post this morning, but then saw the comments. However, I also want to draw a line under this now. There will be a time in the near future when I will be posting something about Vassula and TLIG. When that happens I expect to be taken to task for it, but that is a different matter.

  6. I admire you Father for speaking up for those you believe in. You speak your mind, you don't give us a watered down version just so that you can be popular with a certain section of the Catholic bloggsphere.
    Blessings and prayers,

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