Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SS John Fisher and Thomas More

This interesting presentation is found on this web site. There is also an interesting Litany of St. Thomas More there. I recently purchased an ex-library copy of a book which seems to be out of print; "Thomas More:The Search for the Inner Man" by Louis L. Martz (1990). His main reason for writing the book seems to be the suggestion in other recent biographies that More was actually quite blood-thirsty when it came to dispatching heretics. Martz argues that this criticism is an exaggeration and does not take account of the style of debate and argument at the time.

One of the saddest aspects to the story of Fisher and More is the lie that was told to Fisher in his cell, that More had given in and accepted the King's divorce and his right to the title of head of the Church. Both men offer superb examples of courage and faithfulness to Truth.

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