Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Blessed Trinity

None of the paintings and sculptures of the Trinity that I have seen are in any way as satisfying as Rublev's icon. If anyone knows of anything better I would like to see it. This has a mystical quality and is profoundly theological. The story of the three visitors to Abraham from which this image is taken provides us with probably the best chance of any kind of representational art depicting the Trinity.


  1. The faces are identical, no sense of the Father being conveyed by age. The Chalice is central. Would you like to expand on "profoundly theological"

  2. I will post on this further in the near future, but in the meantime I recommend the second blog link on my list, "A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons"

  3. I always liked the one Jesus told Vassula to draw best. Three simple circles with lines going through them :-)

    But I love this one also. Is the original still intact? if so where can one go to view it?

  4. Thank you Father

    Our priest told us that it was mystery so we did not need to understand it, not many people did!


  5. I love this. Abstract depictions are beautiful in their way, but I like the imagery here.

  6. I like the three circles image. I have always found it difficult to relate to God as Trinity. The symbolism of Father, Son and Holy Spirit seems an archaic, masculine image. God as Spirit, as Love, is where I see Our Lord's emphasis.

    I heard a Catholic sermon referring to Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer but this down-grades the familial relationship.
    Interlinking circles is good, and a soft image.
    What are the lines?
    Thank you.