Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day of Prayer

I am at Pantasaph Friary, North Wales, at the moment. Tomorrow I lead a day of prayer on Our Lady. I am speaking on "Mary at the foot of the Cross"


  1. I am hoping to visit Pantasaph next year Father. I wanted to go on Sister Seraphim's retreat--she is a friend of mine---but it was too early in the year. Have a wonderful time and be sure to go to St Winefride's well, as I am sure you will!North Wales is a very holy place,


  2. Will you be visiting Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church Bala
    67 High Street Bala Gwynedd
    Here is its interesting history:

    Opened in 1948, the Catholic Church in Bala is the first church outside of Portugal to be dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima. Previously, Bala did not have a Catholic Church in the town centre, and the little white-washed church, hidden behind a house, was converted from a stable dating back to the early 17th Century. The oak statue of Our Lady of Fatima was carved by the sculptor José Ferreira Thedim who made one for the Fatima Basilica. The statue now stands in a shrine lined with Welsh slate built as an extension to the church.

    Is your Day of Prayer pre-booked?

  3. I know the church at Bala - I visited it a few years ago. I am back home now, but for those who are interested I am leading a retreat at Pantasaph at the end of October - 28th,29th,30th - on "Mary and the Gift of Motherhood". Anyone interested should go on the Pantasaph Friary website and book there.

  4. Might be nice to mention the October dates to the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers nearer the time, as a postcript to a post perhaps, if you have time.