Friday, 11 March 2011

Satanic Child Abuse a Reality

This article proves that occult child abuse is a reality. The photo above is of Colin Batley, the leader of a pseudo-religious group from Kidwelly, West Wales. The group was at leaast partially inspired by the infamous Alistair Crowley. It is the case that some groups which appear to be "Satanic" often deny their interest in religion and say that they do not believe in Satan. However, Satanism does not have to be overt. If the principles and behaviour of the particular group can be identified as such, then we are dealing with Satanism, even if it goes by another name. It is important to know this because some people are fooled by the responses given by a group of this kind. Sometimes they are simply lying, but sometimes they have actually convinced themselves that they belong to a group dedicated to "Isis" or some other ancient deity. In this case they can be said to have become blinded - perhaps by their own depravity, and sometimes by evil spirits. In so far as they have consented to horrific and depraved acts, they are responsible for their actions, and whatever name they may give to their master...
Read the report and judge for yourselves.
I was on a conference some years ago where an Anglican priest who had dealt with Wiccans in his parish (to the devastation of his wife's health) told us that he had been part of a consultative group called into being by an ivestigator from Central Government (New Labour I think) to discuss the suggestion that there was such a thing as ritual abuse. He said that he and others had real evidence which was ignored. He had the impression that the investigator had arrived with the conclusion already decided. Shortly after this an announcement was made in the Media that there was no such thing as Ritual Child Abuse. Some of us know differently.

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