Tuesday, 9 November 2010

More Anglicans Rejecting Women Priests (and Bishops)

I just discovered this older post about the increase of the number of Anglican parishes rejecting women priests and bishops (around 1000 out of 13,000), which is more than the 2.8% claimed elsewhere. Some pro-women priest supporters will no doubt remark that it is still a small number, but what should be worrying is that there has been any increase at all - by a quarter since the measure was passed. One of the suggestions then - with regard to the dissenters - was that there would be a period of "reception". If, during that time, the number of dissenters has increased, even if only slightly, this might be a sign that, given even more time, the so-called "reception" would develop into a more wisespread rejection. I do not say this to "make a point". I do not need to. The fact that the "no" vote has increased at all does not look good when many of the women-priest supporters were arguing that, given time, everyone would come around. Perhaps some Anglicans have understood that, as William Oddie warned some years ago in his book, "What Will Happen to God?", the ordination of women will probably lead to other things - some of which are simply not acceptable to a large number of Anglicans.

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