Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Compromise? Capitulation? Cowardice?

Saint Richard Gwyn, Schoolteacher.

I was alerted to this article by William Oddie in Faith magazine by the blog Catholic and Loving it. I think Oddie is right, but, sadly, it is nothing new. Some Catholic schools have been teaching in this vein for some time. Catholic teaching is seldom presented as the Truth. This is one of our great failings in the years following Vatican 11, and we are still struggling with it. It is not vatican 11 that is at fault (it never is, in my opinion) but the bad reception of it, the manipulation of it and the dishonest reading of it. Saint Richard Gwyn, pray for our schools, our teachers and our bishops.


  1. Please excuse my being pernickety but SAINT Richard Gwyn was canonised - one of the forty- on 25th October 1970 by Pope Paul VI! Otherwise absolutely agree with you here!

  2. Yes, of course. Sorry. I have ammended it. I am in the midst of getting ready to go off to U.S. to help lead a retreat. Other than that, I plead thje onset of age-related stupidity.