Sunday, 7 November 2010

Two More Anglican Bishops for the Ordinariate

The Rt. Rev. Keith Newton, Bishop of Richborough (top) and the Rt. Rev. Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebbsfleet (suffragan bishops) are expected to announce their resignation and to declare their intention of joining the Ordinariate. This will come as no surprise, but it will no doubt cause some Anglicans to breathe a sigh of relief whilst others may have a peculiar feeling in the pit of their stomach. All Anglicans need our prayers at this time, but we should also pray for the R.C. bishops who have a great responsibility to offer a welcoming hand to those who are seeking union with the Pope. It would be sad indeed if our bishops failed in this. I have also seen some unbelievably uncharitable remarks from lay people in the Catholic press and elsewhere. We have just witnessed the beatification of one (ex) Anglican who had to put up with ungracious remarks and hostility from Catholics when he was received into the fullness of faith - surely we are not going to see something similar happening to these Anglo-Catholics who are joining us. Please God we will not.

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