Friday, 8 October 2010

Ushaw College to Close

I have just heard that my old seminary, Ushaw College is to close. There is a report here. To be honest, when I was there I had mixed feelings about the place. One of the memories I have is of the late Mgr. Philip Loftus (then the rector) - for whom I will always have great respect - coming to a "state of the union" address beginning with, "Ushaw as a whole - W H O L E..."

Truly some past students - both priests and laymen - have had mixed feelings about the place and there has been much sorrow as well as joy in the past. Having said all that, I do have great affection for the College because of fond memories of lining up for Mass on Sundays, bread and gravy, some truly inspirational profs (well, at least one anyway) and the beautiful grounds.

I shall miss you.

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