Friday, 17 September 2010

But not at the Expense of Christian Truth

The Holy Father raised the banner of Truth today in his address at Lambeth House. He was both sensitive and firm. The Church must be inclusive, but not at the expense of the Truth, and, we might add, not at the expense of unity which is so important for the healing of our world. The Archbishop spoke wonderfully about the commitment to Christian friendship and the work of the Holy Spirit, but sadly, so much damage has been done by the ordination of women that, as he said himself, it is possible that the obstacles will remain. Still, we must renew our determination to work and pray together in a society which is not only rejecting God in everyday life, but becoming more disturbed and aggressive. The Archbishop's words about showing the light of holiness to those around us were well expressed. He is right. We will influence those around us especially by the lives we live. Our words must match our actions. This is a time for Christians to renew their dedication to the Gospel - a time for a new beginning in the search for holiness.


  1. Pope Benedict XVI tells the Anglican bishops and priests who are coming into communion with the Pope, to come in as Anglicans, and NOT as Roman Catholics... This is all GREAT so long as they are in communion with the Pope. Communion with the Pope, rather than Communion with Rome, since alot of ROME is abandoning the Pope, since many of the hierarchy try to order the Pope around. Just think where the Sacred Host is located at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and its location off to the side as if not important, IS PRECISELY a CLEAR INDICATION that they order and push the Pope around rather than LISTEN to the Pope. So, if the Anglican bishops being received by the Pope, do what the POPE says as ANGLICANS, what is to be said of the ROMAN CATHOLICS who are DISOBEYING the POPE as ROMAN CATHOLICS?

  2. By the way, the poster was David. I saw you yesterday in Los Angeles CA, however, I haven't made the time yet to get an ID. so I use Anonymous.