Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Pope and The Precious Blood

Today at Westminster Cathedral the Holy Father directed the concelebrants and the congregation to the large hanging crucifix above the altar. This was the Votive Mass of The Precious Blood of Christ, and the Holy Father spoke movingly about Christ the High priest and His solidarity with all those who suffer. In this context the Pope highlighted the suffering of victims of sexual abuse and spoke of the continuing need to safeguard our children. The Church herself is suffering because of the "sins" of abusers and others, and this suffering is also taken into the Sacrifice of Christ. In a special way, the Sacrifice of the Eucharist will embrace all those who have been hurt and are hurting, as well as all the sick and incapacitated. The Eucharist is healing because of Christ's Death and Resurrection - He is the "High Priest of the good things to come". We should have great hope for the future because of Christ. The Precious Blood is a sign of that self-giving love which brings ultimate meaning to our lives and promises healing and protection for all who will come to Him.

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