Thursday, 15 August 2013

Vassula Ryden and Wikipedia; the need for honesty and justice.

I have already posted on this matter giving the URL of the video on YouTube, but here is the video. The reason I am re-posting on this is that after repeated attempts to correct falsehoods (and some look like deliberate obfuscation) Wikipedia continues to disallow any factual corrections and allows clearly biased editors to remove what are undisputed facts (relating to visits to various countries etc).

Some legal representation has been suggested, but Vassula and her associates are criticized for this, as though she has no right to protect her good name or the integrity of her writings. Others are allowed to protect themselves but Vassula and TLIG are classed as "litigious" when the use of lawyers only comes after many attempts at dialogue and long discussion. Those who criticize her for this really ought to produce the evidence. For example, how many times has she resorted to lawyers? Over 25 years, according to my recollection, three or four times. Even if it is a little more than that, is this considered to be grounds for the severe criticism  thrown at her?

Over the years that I have defended Vassula I have also been criticized and called names ("heretic" "arch-heretic", "modernist" "disobedient" etc.) Someone even contacted a retreat house where I was due to give a retreat saying that my bishop should be informed and that I should be stopped! I have been called "that disobedient priest" but on grounds that are clearly mistaken and inaccurate. People, some people, will not listen.

During these years (I have known Vassula now for around 13 years), and after being a critic of her myself, I have insisted that whatever people think of her writings and however they wish to categorize her in relation to her claims she is entitled to justice. Being a writer of possible inspired "messages" or (in the case of someone else)  being a claimed seer, does not mean that such a person is "fair game" for whoever wants to insult or denigrate him/her. Christians are not exempt from the laws of natural or "divine" justice when dealing with someone they disagree with or do not like. Vassula is entitled to a fair hearing (she has had to struggle for this both in the Orthodox and Catholic "worlds"). Since I have known Vassula (and remember I was once a critic) I have witnessed some appalling behaviour on the part of those who claim to be acting either with authority or in the name of Christian Tradition or "Truth". In reality, truth is often lacking from negative reports and opinions. What is often infuriating (to me) is that when explanations are offered, people just close their ears. I have seen this situation from both sides and I know how ignorant I was and how unjust I was although speaking, as I thought, in defense of what I ignorantly believed was the truth.

I am not arguing for justice and fair play simply in the case of Vassula; I would argue thus on behalf of anyone in a similar position, even for those who have been categorically declared false by the Church (Vassula has not had a clear, unambiguous and official declaration of this kind, according to the requirements of Canon Law, no matter how many times some people say that she has!). Truth must be respected and a person's integrity and personal freedom must also be respected. Canon Law (in any Church or Christian community) does not sanction lies, falsehoods, persecution and name-calling. Writers on Wikipedia are not subject to Canon Law of course, and from seeing some of their editorial attempts, they do not consider themselves to be under any obligation to the truth.


  1. I am fairly convinced that Vassula's writings are authentic - the "voice" I hear is entirely consistent with the loving Lord who has spoken to other seers, such as Gabrielle Bossis (He and I). I think a sound meaasure of the responses to Vassula would be how they might conform to Our Holy Lord's exhortation to "love one another ..." If responses to her writings are ovetly hostile, then I think they may be regarded accordingly. The writings themselves are a love song......

  2. Sorry Father--I am not commenting on Vassula about whom I have not a clue but my own research re Visions of the Virgin which hopefully may be connected.


  3. i met her yesterday.
    she refused my hand and took off out of the conference hall after abruptly calling off the "healling service" that was scheduled.
    the techs had to chase after her because she was still wearing a hot mike...
    they found her in the suv with her handlers racing out of the parking lot.
    she never even greeted or thanked the volunteers who worked the event for her.
    i wonder why?
    i went to my bishop today to confession and spoke with him on the matter..but my incredulity remains.

  4. "Anonymous". I think in the interests of justice we need to know what happened at the meeting you mention. I would like to ask Vassula about it. Can you please tell me where it was, the day, venue etc? I can then check. Vassula would not have done this without a very good reason. I know her well enough to say that, so please give me the details.