Monday, 19 August 2013

An inspiring video about Vassula and "True Life in God"

This is not a recent video. I found it quite moving. I know most of the people speaking here. Avo who is mentioned here died a few years ago. I think that people who know very little about these things, about TLIG and Vassula, could watch this and get some wrong ideas. It is sad that so many of these things are judged according to certain fears and prejudices. Sometimes people have a kind of list of things that they think should be happening. Part of this is ignorance about Mystical Theology and how God works through humanity. Some people have simplistic ideas about how visionaries and seers and mystics should behave. Sometimes people think that if a "message" is truly inspired or "from heaven" that there should not be any problems with anyone or that things that are not good in the church will be addressed and corrected, but this is NOT how God works always, and the Holy Scriptures show this quite clearly, so, often misjudgements about such things are related to ignorance of the Scriptures.

What is clear to me..and to some relation to TLIG, is that God's major concern is the salvation of souls. There are other important matters but these are dealt with either in time or in other ways. Sometimes people say, "It cannot be from God because He has not said this...He has not corrected that." etc. In other words some people use their own expectations and desires for the Church (some of them quite legitimate) as a kind of test of authenticity. This is a mistake. God does not always follow our thinking and we have to be open to the Holy Spirit at the same time as using our intelligence and our understanding of the Faith. The Vatican (which is not an exactly united institution, as we know) has NOT condemned Vassula, and even the Notification did not mention some of the objections some critics still raise. It is worthwhile reading the Notification again BUT WITH the answers Vassula gave to the CDF. This was Cardinal Ratzinger's intention. It is now wrong to read the Notification without Vassula's replies. Perhaps this is one of the most serious mistakes made by some of her critics; that they read the Notification and then jump to say, "This is the Vatican speaking". This is not so. To get the full picture from that time one also needs to read her answers. it was Cardinal Ratzinger who insisted, at the outset, that her answers should be printed in her books. This was a clear signal that it was alright to have the books.

Some people refer to a letter from Cardinal Levada, but there have been two letters because after the first one, which was both unclear and inaccurate in some ways, a further dialogue took place, so a second letter was sent from the CDF, signed by him, which BORE HARDLY ANY RELATION TO THE FIRST LETTER, so much so that it looks as though the objections in the first letter no longer apply. Considering that Cardinal Levada went against the statement made by Cardinal Ratzinger (who said that "the position has been modified") there are still some unanswered question about that first letter. Since Vassula, two years ago, had a long and cordial meeting with the head of the unity office at the Vatican, it is to be wondered if any further dialogue with the CDF is necessary at this time.

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