Monday, 29 July 2013

The Friars of The Immaculate, The Extraordinary Rite and Pope Francis

I came late to the "news" that the Vatican or Pope Fancis or someone else is trying to stop the celebration of the Extraordinary Rite. Personally I am getting a bit fed up with some people making one negative comment after another about the Pope (and perhaps looking nervously for something to criticize). Here is a piece from an FI blog, saying just what we would expect from within an order or congregation. The idea that we must know everything about everything is dangerous and silly. The inability to accept that problems that are "in house" in a religious order are first of all their business before they are anyone else's and the surrender to suspicious thoughts suggests a certain spiritual instability that does not speak well for certain people and groups within the Church.

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  1. Kevin P 30 July 2013 08:47
    This is typical of the abuse of the ‘information highway’ where too many things are put out there on the internet based on poor information. These can be true, half-truths and damned lies (just like statistics) as these are often taken out of context, eg the comments of homosexuals made on the plane back from Rio reported enthusiastically by our secular (or rather atheistic) media .
    It is the devils work of course, as this is all happening to make people uncertain and confused because he (the devil) is the ‘Father of Lies’.
    Pope Francis warned against gossip etc, which this might fall into, and is all too often based on half-truths and can be dangerous as it undermines the Truth.

    Thank you Father for your awareness and for leading the way.

    (This was attached to the wrong post originally so was deleted and added to this one. Apologies Father for any confusion)