Saturday, 27 July 2013

One of Voris's best videos

This, in my opinion, is probably one of the best Vortex videos I have seen. It is very good indeed. I have been saying something similar almost all my priestly life.


  1. Thanks for the link, Father. I agree it is spot on. Something not touched upon about the spread of these Protestant sects in Southern America, however, is their being frequently accompanied by promises of material wealth in this world- the so-called "prosperity Gospel".- backed by big American money. Copying their emotive styles of worship looks like a misguided attempt to emulate their success without properly appreciating the real nature of their appeal and carries with it the danger that when all the "froth" has subsided Catholicism will be viewed as equally unsubstantial.

  2. Surely if the Catholic Church was answering people's needs they would not be falling away? So what are we not doing? Perhaps it is time to preach the truth from the pulpit

  3. Unfortunately "anonymous" many people are willing to believe in the "prosperity" gospel which is preached by some powerful, media savvy and manipulative people passing themselves off as true evangelists. The Catholic Church may have failed in some quarters, in some leaders, but we have not on the whole manipulated the poor or lied to them. We have not promised them miraculous relief and prosperity. In a materialistic world where so few have little hope of economic progress, the spiritual truths are being reshaped and mixed up with materialistic dreams. Many have fallen into the trap, especially in Latin America and the East.

    1. Hi Fr John, sorry my iphone was playing up last night and garbling my message. The point is how often do you hear the truth of Jesus's message preached in the church today? The truth that we are all called to live an authentic Christian life that should be distinctly different to that of our secular neighbours. How often do we invite and show people how to build a personal relationship with Jesus? How often do we show people the overwhelming love God has for us? These gaps in people's hearts are those that need filling. Many leave the Catholic church to find Jesus. I am afraid I do not share your admiration for Michael Voris. I saw the clip and have seen others in the past. He seems to lack an understanding of mercy and at times condemns the sinner along with the sin in a way that is repugnant to me. Why don't you have discus comments?? AnnieB.

  4. Once again Father, I have to agree with you.
    Many people in the West have followed the 'prosperity Gospel' and are very uncomfortable when they are made aware that Christ "came to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" because too many of us fall into the latter category and do not welcome the thought of being afflicted.
    Many have achieved the 'end state' of comfort and prosperity and so regard themselves as already reaching the 'promised land'. Their feelings lead them to feel they are on the right path but as the song of the 80s said “I never promised you a rose garden” to which Christ might well have responded “only a Crown of Thorns”
    But did not Moses warn the Israelites the danger that when they reached the 'prosperity in the promised Land' to be careful not to forget the Lord in their wealth and comfort.
    This is the situation for many of us in the pews that in our comfort we think we are the successful (and chosen) ones, we feel good about ourselves and there is no reason why we should not enjoy our rewards (as a result of our Faith) and we sink into apathy and self-congratulation.

    Michael Voris has being attacked by his former employers Real Catholic TV in the following video from a couple of years ago:

    Is this video sour grapes because of his success or are the comments justified?
    I get very confused.

    God Bless you Father.

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