Friday, 22 March 2013

The Pope; a clearer vision of his agenda

This report  from Robert Moynihan is important. The Pope's style is a matter of continual comment and wonder, but he is not a "liberal" in the way that that label is commonly understood. Nor can he be classed as a narrow "conservative". I am reminded of something that happened when I was a seminarian. After term there was a study day relating to the needs of the Church (this goes back to 1973 or so). I remember walking out of the lecture room with an eminent priest who had been a peritus at the Council (on Moral Theology). My conclusion after the study, expressed as a question to him, met with a firm "yes"....the true "liberal" is a "conservative" (?). In other words, there is no progress without reference to the Tradition. In other words, it is a question of the "Hermeneutic of continuity". Those who continue to look for "change" or "progress" meaning a change in fundamental moral doctrine are spitting in the wind.

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