Monday, 12 March 2012

Why is gay "marriage" so important to some people?

On Anglican Mainstream there is a report about a poll in the Telegraph revealing that most people do not think gay "marriage" is a priority. Why is it so important to some people? I have a theory. Some gay people are obviously happy with the civil partnership arrangement. Archbishop Vincent Nichols has been criticised for lending some support to this, but I actually think he was right to do so. It was not an endorsement of the gay "lifestyle" (in the sense of sexual activity etc) but recognised that gay people need the protection of the law in the case of inheritance etc and need to have proper recognition of things like "next of kin" in relation to medical emergencies. However, it seems to me that some gay people are never satisfied. The problem is that they want to be completely accepted in society and feel that they are not. Some have guilt problems (we'll leave aside why for now). Some are deeply resentful of any church or religious community that will not accept everything that is included in the so-called gay lifestyle. Some gay people, I suggest, will push for everything they want so that they will feel better about themselves. Even if these people get gay "marriage" they will not even be satisfied with that. Some militant gays will end up pillorying those churches which do not accept gay sexual acts. We have already seen how impossible it is now to say very much in public against the gay lifestyle. There is much to be said and debated but we are no longer allowed to do it without being called "homophobic" or being accused of "hate speech" or "racism". In my view, if David Cameron thinks he will satisfy all gay people with the redefinition of marriage he is out of touch with reality. Please note, I am talking about some gay people, not all. But I think the point needs to be made that in so many walks of life - including this one - we are now dealing with very militant minorities who seem to have no regard for the rights of others, or the law for that matter, and I would not be surprised in the near future to hear of serious acts of damage and personal violence coming from that group. Some MP's seem to have their heads anywhere but in the real world.

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  1. I have to agree with this.

    Why do gay people want the 'blessing' of the church? Marriage... in it's true sense, is based on religious belief.

    It seems to me, that the gay society, is protesting for the sake of it.

    I'm not married... i'm not prejudiced... and i'm not homophobic.

    I'm just 'airing' my opinion