Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Vassula has NOT been excommunicated!

This statement has recently been released from the Foundation for True Life in God in relation to a court case which is still proceeding. A certain web site is apparently still claiming that Vassula has been excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox Church, this time using Vassula's Statement of Faith in which she herself uses the word "Excommunication", but it does not mean what that web site insists it means. Vassula has been denied Holy Communion on the island of Rhodos (against normal Orthodox practice since this prohibition would usually take place in the context of Confession), but NOT in Alexandria where she has been accepted by the Patriarch. This refusal to allow her to receive Holy Communion (and to prevent her even being a godmother) is not the same as formal excommunication and, in any case, was a decision taken WITHOUT any formal hearing or proper discussion with Vassula. There will be more information about this later.

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