Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cameron's crusade for gay marriage and the future

This report tells us that Mr. Cameron will push through the state redefinition of marriage in spite of all the criticisms and warning bells. The loudest warning bell (to which he is dangerously deaf) is that the "institution" of gay marriage will not be the end of the matter. We all know what will happen because there are militant gay people in our society who are opposed to any Christian denomination (and any religion) maintaining a traditional view of sexual relations. Do you think that these militant gays are going to be satisfied with being able to "marry" in a register office or even in a church where the vicar is sympathetic? After a short while they will look disapprovingly at the church across the way which will not conform to their view, and they will protest and continue protesting until they get their way and eventually the government (or the opposition, to win votes) promises to deal with this by invoking a new regulation demanding that all churches where marriages take place be available to gay couples. You know it, and I know it, and if David Cameron (with respect) has any common sense, he also knows it. Batten down the hatches friends, to paraphrase a famous Bette Davis line, "it's going to be a bumpy ride!"


  1. Father, please consider the petition in support of marriage at http://c4m.org.uk/

  2. Father, If I may make a slight, but significant, correction to your post in which you mention gays being married in a church run by a sympathetic vicar. The Home Office website states that any same-sex marriages will be civil in nature only and that religious ceremonies will not be permitted (which ties the hands of any sympathetic minister). Therefore, the E+W Consultation which is due to be published this spring, should not contain any reference to religious marriage ceremonies for members of the same sex.

    Father, in this crucial debate, we must be clear on what the Government proposes, otherwise our ignorance will be exposed - and rightly ridiculed - by those in favour of change. We also need to make sure that we actively engage in the Consultation rather than merely sign (well-meaning, but easily manipulated) petitions, as it is the Consultation responses which will be studied by the Home Office lackies. Of course, let us not forget to pray for our political leaders.

    I pray that this Lenten season will be a blessing for you. Thank you for your posts.

  3. I was thinking of the future with regard to "sympathetic vicars". I say this because there have already been noises from within the C of E suggesting that this will happen. Not now, not in the very near future, but soon. I agree with you in many ways, but we must not be naive about this. A secular "marriage" will not satisfy militant gays - this is obvious.

  4. It is not inconceivable that the thought police will be kicking your door down "soon" either, if this iniquitous piece of legislation is pushed through either. Who knows what's down the road if this becomes law? God help us and save us.