Wednesday, 8 February 2012

No hope for unity with this!

With great respect to a holy man and an interesting writer, this is nonsense. Where is the true ecclesiology in all this? What kind of "church" is this? The simple fact is that in anything calling itself a Christian community you cannot have one bishop telling another "I do not accept your orders". St. Ignatius of Antioch, pray for us! Where can the Catholics and the Orthodox begin with this nonsense?


  1. I would have thought we had enough problems in our the Catholic Church to worry about without pointing the finger at the Anglicans! Get over it Father. This coming from a man who is deluded enough to faith in the self proclaimed mystic Vassula. You need your head testing, should you really be a Priest at all?

    From a Statment by The Orthodox Church of Cyprus:

    'In reality, her teachings are heretical, and her claims that she communicates directly with Christ are fantastical and outside of the spirit of the experience of the Church.'

  2. I thought I would allow the above comment. It seems now that some of Vassula's (and my) critics have stepped up the abuse; "Should you really be a priest at all?"

  3. Father, you ask, 'What kind of "church" is this?' Speaking as a member of it, it's no Church at all, only an historic association of (at least) three different theological traditions in competition with one another in an increasingly ruthless and uncharitable power struggle.