Thursday, 9 February 2012

An attack on innocence and an abuse of childhood and youth

We need St. Philomena now more than ever! St. Pope Pius X called her a patron of youth. Take a look at this post which speaks about the distribution of contraceptive implants to girls as young as 13, without parental consent! Please God the bishops will speak up about this, but all Catholic parents need to be aware of what might happen to their own children. Do you think that this wont happen in Catholic schools? Don't be so naive!

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  1. It's time for parents to take a stand against this state bullying erosion of parental responsibility. And yes, it is true that the government has already attempted to install these 'Health Mentors' in Catholic schools. Lacking even a basic nursing qualification, these workers are little more than dispensers of contraceptives, plus acting as referral agencies for abortion services.
    Where are they when these girls are left suffering the emotional consequences of the abortions, without the support of the parents they were persuaded to hoodwink? Or left to manage alone, the physical and emotional repercussions, of a sexually permissive lifestyle, that their parents know nothing about?
    We live in a society where teachers and health workers are not allowed to give children so much as an asprin - even with parental consent - but who can nevertheless inject those same children with huge doses of hormones, perform abortions on them and vaccinate them against their parents wishes. Many of these health workers are 'Catholic'but have never received any support from the church regarding the necessity to work in a way that supports their faith. Chilling isn't it?